University College

University College

2010 Summer Research Interns and Mentors

Brocke Addison

"Sex Differences in Orexin Expression after Chronic Cocaine Conditioning."
Dr. Linda Perrotti (Psychology)

Elizabeth Awad

"The Effects of Co-Rumination on Victimization and Health".
Dr. Lauri Jensen-Campbell (Psychology)

Melanie Verna

"Mechanism of Insertion of Non-LTR Retrotransposons".
Dr. Shawn Christensen (Biology)

Justin Erdmann

"Microwave Antenna Sensors for Fatigue Crack Monitoring Under Lap Joints."
Dr. Haiying Huang (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)

M. Faye Hanson

"Perceptions of Race and Poverty"
Dr. Jason Shelton (Sociology & Anthropology)

Ashley Liggins

"Noble Savages and Extraordinary Negroes" Race and Representation in Late Eighteenth Century European Art.
Dr. Benjamin Lima (Art & Art History)

Cam Liu

"Sex Differences in DeltaFosB Induction in Reward-Related Brain Regions of the Rat Brain."
Dr. Linda Perrotti (Psychology)

Patricia Mann

"Characteristrics of Lara as a Human Representation of an Axis Mundi" An Examination of the Symbolism and Mysticism in Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago.
Dr. Lonny Harrison (Modern Languages)

Jacob Narvaez

"For the Right Thing and Not for the Wrong:" Historic Preservation and the Black Knights of Pythias Temple in Dallas.
Dr. Kathryn Holliday (Architecture)

K. Bruce Rollins

"Assessment of Maximal and Submaximal Aerobic Capacities of Wheelchair Basketball."
Dr. Judy Wilson (Kinesiology)

Gabriela Romero

"Synthesis of a Mutated Bacterial Cell Wall for Use in Drug Discovery."
Dr. Frank Foss (Chemistry)

Kimberly Sams

"Claiming Power and Agency." Medieval Women's Self-Perceptions in Fifteenth Century Family Letters.
Dr. Sarah Davis-Secord (History)

Christian Torres-Lopez

"Addressing Free Riding in Local Southern Baptist Congregations."
Dr. Roger Meiners (Economics)

Sharie Vance

"Love Online:" A Look at Perceiver Characteristics and Physical Attractiveness in the Initial Formation of Online Dating Relationships.
Dr. Linda Rouse (Sociology & Anthropology)

Daniel Wagner

"Mexican Immigrants in Cleveland, Ohio:" AnExploratory Case Study of New Immigration Patterns and Reception.
Dr. Robert Kunovich (Sociology & Anthropology)

Ashley Liggins