University College

University College

2011 Summer Research Interns and Mentors

Allysa Allen

"Does Patient Attitude Or Therapist Skill Predict The Success Of CBT For Depression?"
Dr. Monica Basco & Dr. Shannon Scielzo (Psychology)

John Black

"Experimental Investigation of Spring-In Behavior of Composite Materials."
Dr. Wen Chan (Aerospace Engineering)

Daisy Garza

"Diachronic Disunity: Individual Differences and Possible Consequences."
Dr. Timothy Odegard (Psychology)

Nicholas Gehm

"The Conceivability-Possiblity Relationship."
Dr. Kenneth Williford (Philosophy)

LaQruishia Gill

"Jury Decision-Making Based on Pretrial Publicity and Admissibility of Evidence."
Dr. Timothy Odegard (Psychology)

Patricia Gurrola

"Disciplining the Domestic: An Examination of Women as 'Docile Bodies' in Nervous Condiations and Backyard, El Traspatio."
Dr. Penelope Ingram (English)

Crystal Jamaica

"Harvesting Seismic Energy for Emergent Use after Major Earthquakes."
Dr. Shih-Ho (Simon) Chao (Civil Engineering)

Asha Jassani

"The Effects of Outgroup Contact and Social Identity on Negative Outgroup Attitudes."
Dr. Jared B. Kenworthy (Psychology)

Ashley Liggins

"Lighting the Fire: Baron de Vastey and the Black Nationalist Agenda in Post-Revolutionary Haiti."
Dr. John D. Garrigus (History)

Steven Nunez

"Harvesting the Rain: A Proposal for Storm Water Management and Its Re-Use On The University Of Texas At Arlington Campus."
Professor Donald del Cid (Architecture)

Cassandra Valencia

"The Ancient Egyptian Festival of Thy: A Celebration of the Saving of Mankind."
Dr. Karl Petruso (Anthropology)

Aracely Vazquez

"Microanalysis of Micrurus tener Vertebrae as a Means of Potential Species Differentiation and Identification."
Dr. Eric Smith-Urrutia (Biology)

Wilber Ventura

"Resting Stages and the Population Dynamics of Harmful Algae "
Dr. James Grover (Biology) & Dr. Hristo Kojouharov (Mathematics) 

Maureen Vignaux

"Investigation of the Evolution of the Trichomonas foetus Genome."
Dr. Ellen Pritham (Biology)

Ashley Liggins