University College

University College

2012 Summer Research Interns and Mentors

Ayoade (Joy) Ademuyewo

 “Correlating Assertiveness and Burnout among Graduate Student Nurses”

Dr. Ronda Mintz-Binder (Nursing)

Angel Aymond

 “Animal Services in Arlington, Texas: An Evaluation and Recommendation for Improvements”

Dr. Josephine Ryan (Anthropology)

Ceola Brown

“Summer Vacation and the Achievement Gap: Do Summer Activities Differ by Students’ Socioeconomic Status?”

Dr. Beth Anne Shelton & Dr. Krystal Beamon (Sociology)

Darrelle Colinot

“Geographical Mapping in Texas of Medea, A Self Parasitic Genetic Element of Tribolium costaneum”

Dr. Jeffery Demuth (Biology)

Norma Ghanem

“Exact Solutions to the Langmuir Lattice Equation”

Dr. Tuncay Aktosun (Mathematics)

Jeremy Johnson

“Voters and Judges: How the Texas Public Chooses High Court Judges”

Dr. Thomas Marshall (Political Science)

Jessica Lair

“Age and Gender Differences in Pediatric Athletes using Sensory Organization Testing”

Dr. Jacob Resch (Athletic Training) 

TiMar Long

“A Look at the Religious Sexual Mores in the New Century”

Dr. Jason Shelton (Sociology)

Jean-Luc Nshimiyimana

“Biologically Relevant Metal Ions on Fluorinated Scorpionates”

Dr. Rasika Dias (Biochemistry)

Wiliante Slater

“Life, Liberty, and Gender: Women and Children in Contemporary Haiti”

Dr. Marvin Dulaney (History)

Russell Southard

“An Application of Iconographic Analysis to the Unbuilt Urban Design of Le Corbusier’s Ville Contemporaine”

Professor John McDermott (Architecture)

Amber Trent

“Fact or Fiction: Ethics versus Moral Lessons in Young Adult Literature”

Dr. Joanna Johnson (English)

Patricia Vignaux

Spatial Effect of Reovirus Co-infection on Production of Rotavirus”

Dr. Michael Roner (Biology)

Khanh Vu

“Development of Novel Biodegradable and Multi-Functional Nanoparticles for Melanoma Treatment and Diagnostic”

Dr. Kytai Nguyen (Bioengineering)