University College

University College

2013 Summer Research Interns and Mentors

Sarah K. Anderson

"Molecular Signal Adaptations Caused by Cocaine, Conditioned Reward, and Estrogen"

Dr. Linda Perrotti (Psychology)

Mireya Arroyo

"The Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Growth Rate and Metabolic Activity of Various Vibro Species"

Dr. Laura Mydlarz (Biology)

Chad Austin

"Exploring the Latino Homelessness Paradox: The Social and Cultural Buffers of Race, Poverty, and Homelessness"

Dr. Suzan Gonzalez Baker (Sociology and Anthropology)

Diana Bueno

"Teenagers at War: Double-Consciousness and Adolescence in Two Novels of the Japanese Internment"

Dr. Joanna Johnson (English)

Brandon David Butler

"Dog Behavioral Patterns in Dog Parks"

Dr. Shelley L. Smith (Sociology and Anthropology)

Jeremy D. Cortez

"Role of Reverse Transcriptase Domain 0 in Non-LTR Retrotransposon Integration"

Dr. Shawn Christensen (Biology)

Linda Dao

"Fabrication of Cytokine-Loaded Cancer Traps"

Dr. Liping Tang (Bioengineering)

Laura Drzich

"Using High-Throughput Illumina Sequencing to Infer Evolutionary Dynamics of Simple Sequence Repeats Across Squamate Genomes"

Dr. Todd Castoe (Biololgy)

Gabriel Escobedo

"Loss of Language and Cultural Identity: U.S.- Born Mexican Americans in North Texas"

Dr. Josephine Caldwell-Ryan and Dr. Christian Zlolniski (Sociology and Anthropology)

Victor Isaias Gonzalez Hernandez

"British Petroleum Gulf Deep-Water Oil Spill: When a Business Becomes Unethical"

Dr. James Campbell Quick (Management)

Desting Price

"An Analysis of Sports Industry Career Preparation with a Focus on Sports Marketing Undergraduate Curricula"

Dr. Elten Briggs (Marketing)

Alicia Ricci

"Exact Solutions to the Korteweg-De Vries Equation"

Dr. Tuncay Aktosun (Mathematics)

Aspen Samuel

"Sex Differences in Morphine-Conditioned Place Preference"

Dr. Linda Perrotti (Psychology)

Bailey Sayles

"Quantitative Comparison of Metastasizing and Non-Metastasizing Breast Cancer Cell Migration Via Various Dimension Microchannels"

Dr. Young-Tae Kim (Biomedical Engineering)

Kristina Toth

"Analyzing Differences in Scientist and Science Perceptions, Self-Efficacy, and Science Enjoyment Between Fourth-Grade English-Speaking Students and Hispanic English-Language Learners" 

Dr. Ann Cavallo (Curriculum and Instruction)

Andrew Velasquez

"Design of NACA 0012 Airfoil and Calibration Setup for Transonic Wind Tunnel"

Dr. Frank Lu (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Khanh Vu

"Temperature-Sensitive Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer Treatment"

Dr. Kytai Nguyen (Bioengineering)