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TRiO-Student Support Services

TRiO-Student Support Services provides opportunities for academic development and serves to motivate students toward successful completion of their undergraduate college experience.

TRiO-Student Support Services is a component of the federal TRiO programs, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and established at UT Arlington in 1976.

The goal of SSS is to improve academic performance, increase retention and graduation rates and foster an environment that supports undergraduate students.


TRiO-Student Support Services offers free academic support services to students enrolled at UT Arlington.  Participants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who meet eligibility requirements; priority is given to students who meet two of the following:

  • Low-income college student: Students will be required  to furnish documentation of income (i.e. tax returns, W2 form, FAFSA, etc.).
  • First generation college student: This means that neither of your parents (or guardians) have completed a 4-year college degree.
  • Individual with a disability: SSS program staff will confirm registration with the UT Arlington Office for Students with Disabilities.
Student Support Services
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