University College

University College

TRiO-Student Support Services Tutoring

TRiO-Student Support Services makes tutoring available to students who are currently enrolled in a course that is offered. Most courses offered are first and second year general “core” courses that are pre-requisites for most degree plans.

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Policies and Procedures

Tutoring is conducted in a small-group tutoring model, 2-3 students per session.

A tutoring session is generally 50 minutes to an hour long.

Attention Students: If a student misses two (2) tutoring sessions without notifying the TRiO-Student Support Services office, he or she will be dropped from that time slot. More than three (3) absences can result in termination of tutoring services. Reinstatement of the student into the program will be at the discretion of the educational specialist and director.

What to Expect in a Tutoring Session

  • Come prepared with your materials, that is: your notes, textbook, etc.
  • Keep in mind that your tutoring is not your instructor; they are available to assist you better understand your course material and provide study tips.
  • Try to pinpoint 1-2 areas for which you need the most assistance. Your tutor will cover these in-depth.
  • Follow-up on any assignments given to you by your tutor.