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University College invites all students to join "The Success Series", a workshop series designed to improve academic performance and enhance important life skills.  Each semester, various departments within University College will offer innovative, hands-on workshops on a variety of topics, such as time management, study skills, dealing with stress, learning styles, major exploration, and more. 

Visit our Calendar of Events to view all of our up-coming seminars.  Each workshop is free and open to all students unless specifically posted otherwise.  If you have ideas for future Success Series events that are not being covered, please contact us and offer your suggestions.

Specialized Programming Tracks

While the Success Series offers a broad-based approach to college success, we know that one-size-fits-all isn't for everyone.  That's why University College has developed specialized programming tracks for first-generation college students, sophomores, and transfer students.  Each track is composed of programs aimed at helping students navigate the most important issues facing them given their unique circumstances.  So choose the track that's right for you and let University College help you pursue success.

FIRST for First-Generation College Students

Designed especially for first-generation college students, FIRST combines transitional support with an indepth exploration of all that the university has to offer you.  Topics covered will include success skills, cultural awareness, building leadership skills, learning more about financial aid, and examining the transition into college.  FIRST is designed to provide first-generation college students the tools they need to manage their college experience, the support to work through the stress of being the first from your family in college, and the words to explain the experience to those who may not understand the expectations that the university has of you.  Sign-up here for notifications of up-coming FIRST by Success Series events.

ADVANCE for Sophomores

You've mastered your freshman year, and now it is time to turn your attention to the next step in your college experience.  The sophomore year is the time to explore the opportunities before you and to chart your course for starting your career.  ADVANCE has been created to offer sophomores more information about research opportunities, study abroad, major exploration, and career development.  The sophomore year is time to get serious about where you'll be going after graduation, and ADVANCE is here to help you get on-track.  Sign-up here for notifications about future ADVANCE by Success Series events.

FINISH for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, your needs will be different than other students.  You're focused on completing your degree and making the most of your new educational home.  FINISH is specially designed with transfer students in mind, based on feedback from current transfer students.  This programming series will focus on helping transfer students adjust to UT Arlington, reviewing academic and graduation requirements, major exploration, career development and resumes, internships, resources, and more.  You've made it this far, now it is time to FINISH.  Sign-up here for more information about FINISH by Success Series programs.