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Maverick Scholars

Maverick ScholarsHow far you take your education depends on how far you want to go in your career. That's why UT Arlington offers the Maverick Scholars program to help you reach your goals sooner and with total confidence.

Consider this: Maverick Scholars often experience an easier adjustment to college life, earn higher grade-point averages and graduate on-time more frequently than students not in the program.

Maverick Scholars often experience less stress in college because of the reserved spaces in the classes they need to take and help them create a class schedule that best positions them to get the most out of their education.

Maverick Scholars get the most out of their college years. They experience greater levels of on-campus involvement through sponsored community service, leadership and campus recreation programs. They receive personalized attention from faculty, staff and peer mentors. They also have the opportunity to build their résumé while having fun and making friends.

Get involved

We hope that you will get involved in the study groups and other activities that your Peer Academic Leader and Faculty Mentor are putting together for you.  To find a list of events for you, click on the "Events Calendar" tab on the left.

Want to give back to the program

Has your Peer Academic Leader helped you be successful?  Why not take the opportunity to be a mentor to an incoming freshman next year?  Consider what it means to be a PAL and apply today!