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Freshman PASS Appeal for Future Enrollment

Student who are required to take UNIV 1131 and receive a grade of "F" (failing grade) in the course will be dropped from future academic sessions for which they are enrolled and future attempts to enroll will be blocked. Appeals for future enrollment will be considered by the director of the University Advising Center.

Freshman PASS Appeal for Future Enrollment Form (DOC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to complete this appeal?
In accordance with the Freshman PASS Policy stated in the Academic Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog, students who receive a letter grade of "F" (Failing) for the UNIV 1131: PASS course will be required to appeal to the Executive Director of University College for future enrollment.

What is the purpose of this appeal?
The purpose of this appeal and the related exercises is to help students reflect upon their educational experience so far and develop action plans for future success.

Where do I turn in the appeal and related exercises when I have them completed?
You can turn in your appeal at the front desk of University College on the first floor of Ransom Hall; mail your appeal to the Unviersity College, Attn: PASS Appeal Coordinator, UT Arlington Box 19240, Arlington, TX 76019; or fax your appeal to 817-272-3407 (be sure to put your last name on each page of the attached paperwork).  Students will be notified of the decision for the appeal via UTA email.

Will this appeal impact my grade in UNIV 1131: Freshman PASS course?
No. The failing grade in the course will stand.

What should I do if I have questions about completing the appeal form?
If you are not sure how to complete a particular section of the appeal form, contact an academic advisor in the University Advising Center in 105 Ransom Hall or e-mail

How long will it take for my enrollment hold to be lifted once I have turned in the appeal form?
Plan on at least five business days for the processing of your appeal. We recommend students check their UT Arlington e-mail account daily during this time, as the Executive Director may request more information or a meeting with you before the enrollment hold is lifted.

Will I be required to meet with the Executive Director of University College?
Maybe or maybe not. The Executive Director will review each appeal individually and consider the quality of the work put into the appeal and the content of the action plan. If concerns arise, she may request a meeting to discuss your individual situation. If no concerns arise and the quality of the work is acceptable, she will not require a meeting.