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Freshman PASS

If you struggle in your first semester at UT Arlington, we offer PASS (Potential for Academic Success Seminar), a course for students who want to improve their academic skills. You'll learn tried-and-true techniques to improve memory and concentration, time management, exam preparation, and more.

We'll also help you develop an Academic Improvement Plan that will identify specific goals related to improving your use of academic strategies and campus resources. Freshman PASS will help you become better equipped to succeed, make effective decisions and balance the demands of college with co-curricular activities, jobs and family.

Policy Statement

Effective fall 2006, freshman students who earn less than a 2.0 grade-point average during their first semester at UT Arlington will be required to enroll in and satisfactorily complete the one-hour course UNIV 1131: PASS during the following long term. The course is designed to build academic study skills related to college success.

  1. Students may not employ the Grade Exclusion policy to avoid taking the course.
  2. Students who do not enroll in UNIV 1131 specified for the Freshman PASS program by the Friday prior to the first day of classes will be dropped from all coursework for the term.
  3. Student who are required to take UNIV 1131 must receive a grade of "P" (passing grade) in the course in order to remain enrolled in future academic sessions. Students who receive a grade of "F" (failing grade) in the course will be dropped from future academic sessions for which they are enrolled and future attempts to enroll will be blocked. Appeals for future enrollment will be considered by the Executive Director of University College.
  4. Students who have already taken a version of UNIV 1131 through other affiliated programs (e.g., FIG, Athletics, Major Exploration) must retake this course for the Freshman PASS program.
  5. Academic departments will determine if any UNIV 1131 course is eligible to apply to the major degree plans.
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