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Have any summer plans?  Thought about taking classes?

As a reminder, the University is committed to doing everything possible to help you graduate on time.  If you are off plan, summer may be the perfect time for you to get back on plan and catch up so that you are not delaying your graduation.  Each additional year, beyond the 4 years, is another year that you are paying tuition, fees, books, etc. and that can add up quickly.  An extra year could cost you an additional $15,000!  Talk to your academic advisor to see what classes might be good options for you to take this summer.  If you are still going to be in the Arlington area, you can even take summer classes here.  By taking classes here, you avoid having to send transcripts back and forth and, assuming you do well in your summer classes, may help boost your GPA.  For more information on what classes are being offered this summer, talk to your academic advisor or check out the posted schedule in MyMav.  If you are not doing as well as you would like (e.g., earning a D or F), contact your advisor in University College immediately to discuss the possibilities of dropping this course. Often times, students are hesitant to drop classes for financial aid reasons, but they forget to consider that earning an “F” has the same impact as dropping a class (and dropping the course can save your overall grade point average). Talk with your academic advisors and Financial Aid counselors to make the best decision.

by William Gunn, Director, University College Programs, Communications, and Testing Services, University of Texas at Arlington

Registering for Fall 2016 Classes                    

Although you may be looking forward to summer break, do not forget to register for the fall semester first. Students will be allowed to begin registering for classes starting on April 20th. Keep in mind that the Office of Records and Registration sets “appointments” or periods of time when groups of students can enroll in courses. These appointments are set in the following order: graduate students and honors college students, athletes, graduating seniors, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. You can check in your MyMav Student Center to see what date you will be allowed to start registering.

You will need to schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to discuss fall registration and your progress toward transitioning to your academic department. Watch for emails from your academic advisor to discuss your advising appointment.

Financial Aid Awards

Make sure you check your MyMav for any scholarship or financial aid awards you may have been awarded for the 2016-2017 academic year. Do not forget to accept the awards so that the funds can be disbursed at the start of the next semester.

Still Have Start Strong Hours?

If you have earned free tutoring hours from the Start Strong Tutoring Program, you will need to utilize all of your hours by the end of the current semester. This is the perfect time to try to raise your grade in a particular class one letter grade, like from a “C” to a “B.” Hours cannot carry over to the following semester.

Don't forget to look into credit-by-exam opportunities

If you took an AP or IB exam in high school, you may have already earned credit for some of your freshman or sophomore courses. If you have knowledge of a subject from previous experience or prior courses, you may be eligible to take a CLEP or other credit-by-exam test. If you need a language for your major, we use the CLEP French, German or Spanish test as a placement into that language. If you are a heritage speaker of those languages you may be able to use the credit to meet an elective. Does your major require College Algebra? Did you do well in that class in High School? You may want to attempt to test out of the course by taking the CLEP College Algebra. Exams and required passing score are chosen by the academic department faculty. Get more information at Testing Services.

Success Series

The success series are a workshop series designed to improve academic performance and enhance important life skills. The success series are specialized with three programming tracks: FIRST for first year generation students, ADVANCE for sophomores and juniors, and FINISH for transfer students. Some of the topics covered include Time Management, Money Management, Library Resources, Research Process, and more.

All workshops are free of cost and are held in Preston Hall 104.

Visit the Success Series Schedule to view times and a full list of upcoming seminars.

Working On Campus

The SNAP Job Office assists students with finding an on-campus job through the Students Needing A Part-time Job (SNAP Job) system. There are a variety of jobs offered to both students who have work-study from Financial Aid and those who do not. Jobs include but are not limited to: office assistants, computer assistants, lab assistants, resident assistants, tutors, and many more. Most of the jobs have flexible work schedules and average 19 hours per week.

All non-academic student jobs are advertised online and require an online resume-based application. Students can register with the SNAP Job system at and can create up to four different versions of their resume and letter of interest which they can use to apply for various jobs. In addition, students can create job-agents to receive email notifications when a new job that meets their preset criteria is posted in the system.

The SNAP Job staff is available to assist students with preparing their resume and letter of interest, as well as to provide interviewing tips and assistance with the online application. Students may contact the SNAP Job office via email at or by phone at (817) 272-3463 or come in person to the SNAP Job office and computer lab located in the Workforce Development Building at 140 West Mitchell St., B200. The SNAP Job office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Important Dates to Remember

Final Exam Schedule

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Spring Academic Calendar

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