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Spring Break is right around the corner!

Although it is almost time for Spring Break, it is important to stay focused on all your classes. Make sure you are staying on top of your grades by attending all your classes regularly and seeking academic help if needed. There are plenty of academic resources available to you such as tutoring, SI sessions, and many of the subject clinics. If you need any help locating any of the support services we have available to you, check out our Maverick Resources online at, or send us an email at or call the Maverick Resource Hotline at 817-272-6107.

Academic Calendar

It is important to understand the cycle of the university environment so that you can prepare for the next steps and make well-informed decisions. The Academic Calendar posted online should be a tool that you consult each semester to create a semester calendar of important dates so that you can, for instance:

  • Coordinate your personal and academic life (e.g., when to leave for vacation or start a new job).

  • Take care of important business like enrolling for the next session on time rather than waiting to the last minute and not getting the classes you want.

  • Make decisions in accordance with University policies and procedures (e.g., when do I need to know if I should drop a class). The guide below share important dates for the Spring 2017 session and explain why that date is important for you to understand in the context of UTA. Talk to your academic advisor at your next meeting if you do not understand any of these terms or policies.

Mar 13 – Mar 18

Spring Break

No classes are held. Friday, March 14th is also a campus-wide holiday so many campus services are limited. Students should plan to attend classes up to and immediately after the holiday rather than tacking on additional vacation days.  The middle of the semester is near and focus is imperative to finish projects and prepare for midterms.

Mar 31

Last day to drop classes

This is the last day that a student is able to drop a class or withdraw from all of their classes and earn a grade of “W.” Students who want to drop a class after the last drop day must complete a special appeal and show evidence of extraordinary non-academic reasons for dropping or withdrawing. If the appeal is not granted, the student earns the current grade for the course which in added to the transcript and calculated into the grade point average.

Apr 3

Registration begins for the  Summer and Fall 2017 terms

At first students are scheduled a limited window of opportunity to enroll in courses for Summer and Fall based on their classification. After that, enrollment is open to all students. It is important to find out when your enrollment time is schedule in your Student Services Center in MyMav ( Meet with your academic advisor early so that you can enroll at your scheduled time and optimize your class schedule.

May 5

Last Day of Classes

Last formal, regular class period, but don’t forget final exams!

May 6, 8 - 12

Final Exams

During this time, students must follow the final exam schedule ( published by the Office of Records rather than their normal class schedule.  Final exams are offered in the same classrooms but at very different times of day. To be safe, do not schedule holiday departures until all of your scheduled finals as many professors will not allow a student to take their finals at different times. You will be expected to make special arrangements to work schedules to accommodate for final exams as well.

May 11 – 13

Commencement Ceremonies

Ceremonies held to celebrate students earning their degree from UTA. Each school/college hosts its own ceremony. Students are given the opportunity to “walk” across the stage in recognition of their pending diploma. Diplomas are actually mailed to students several weeks after their final session to ensure that all classes have been passed and graduation requirements have been met.


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a FREE voluntary academic development program that increases student performance and retention. The program is offered to all students enrolled in historically difficult subjects on campus. SI provides regularly scheduled out-of-class peer facilitated sessions. Senior students (SI Leaders), who have successfully taken the course before, facilitate structured group study sessions to support students to master course content and learn effective study skills. On average, students who attend SI on a regular basis, obtain a half letter to a full letter grade higher when compared to those students who do not attend. It is also a great way to get to know students in your class. All SI Leaders receive extensive training. Session times will be presented by your SI Leader during the second week of class; alternatively you can visit our website at

Schedule an Appointment with a University College Advisor

You have now completed your first week of college classes and by this time you’ve been given a lot of material to begin studying as well. The University Advising Center (UAC) strongly discourages any class changes at this late date.

Next up, Census Day; a critical milestone of the semester. On this day, the University officially reports all enrollment numbers to the State of Texas. Census Day is also the last day a student can drop a class without incurring a grade of “W”. After this date, any class you drop this semester will count towards your 6-drop limit.

Lastly, it’s time to petition for credit! Beginning after Census Day, you are encouraged to log into your Student Center in MyMav, and petition to have any AP, IB, or CLEP credit placed on your UT Arlington transcript. You will also receive an email from your Academic Advisor with instructions on how to petition for this credit; please check your UT Arlington email for this important information.

The UAC staff advisors are available Monday through Friday by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with your advisor at any time during the semester with any questions you might have regarding petition for credit, major exploration, mid-term grades or consequences of dropping a class.

Success Series

The success series are a workshop series designed to improve academic performance and enhance important life skills. The success series are specialized with three programming tracks: FIRST for first year generation students, ADVANCE for sophomores and juniors, and FINISH for transfer students. Some of the topics covered include Time Management, Money Management, Library Resources, Research Process, and more.

All workshops are free of cost and are held at noon in Preston Hall 104.

Upcoming workshops include:

  • Time Management on February 28th and March 21st

  • There’s an App for that on March 7th and 8th

  • Campus Resources Overview on March 22nd

Working On Campus

The SNAP Job Office assists students with finding an on-campus job through the Students Needing A Part-time Job (SNAP Job) system. There are a variety of jobs offered to both students who have work-study from Financial Aid and those who do not. Jobs include but are not limited to: office assistants, computer assistants, lab assistants, resident assistants, tutors, and many more. Most of the jobs have flexible work schedules and average 19 hours per week.

All non-academic student jobs are advertised online and require an online resume-based application. Students can register with the SNAP Job system at and can create up to four different versions of their resume and letter of interest which they can use to apply for various jobs. In addition, students can create job-agents to receive email notifications when a new job that meets their preset criteria is posted in the system.

The SNAP Job staff is available to assist students with preparing their resume and letter of interest, as well as to provide interviewing tips and assistance with the online application. Students may contact the SNAP Job office via email at or by phone at (817) 272-3463 or come in person to the SNAP Job office and computer lab located in the Workforce Development Building at 140 West Mitchell St., B200. The SNAP Job office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Maverick Speaker Series 

Now in its ninth season, the Maverick Speakers Series features a diverse group of leaders who will share their breadth of experience in the worlds of sports, politics, the military, and science.

Fareed Zakaria, Economic and Political Columnist and CNN Host, Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

General admission tickets and preferred packages are available at

Important Dates to Remember

Final Exam Schedule

Complete FASFA for next academic school year

Spring Academic Calendar

Is your student looking for some fun activities? Campus Recreation keeps its calendar busy with events all semester long. Click here to view all upcoming events.

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