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Interdisciplinary Studies (INTS)

Interdisciplinary Studies (INTS)

Director: Dr. Donna L. Akers

Interdisciplinary Studies is an academic program designed to allow a student who has a particular career or academic interest create a unique degree plan that incorporates those goals while maintaining academic integrity an rigor.  Admission to the program is through application. Students identify and create a Course of Study, in conjunction with their academic advisor, that incorporates course work from several different academic disciplines.  Each INTS degree plan includes two Tracks of 18 hours of coursework, in addition to three required Interdisciplinary Studies courses, plus a Foreign Language and/or Culture Courses.  This degree requires a minimum of two semesters to complete (after completion of the General Core). All Degree Plans must be approved by the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Interdisciplinary Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts (BAIS) and Bachelor of Science (BSIS) degree.  Each one allows students to create a unique Degree Plan reflecting the student's career plans and academic interest.  This Course of Study may include a wide range of courses from across the campus in two "Tracks".  Students may include a disciplinary minor as one Track, such as a minor in History, and a unique field that they create with the approval of the program, such as "Public History and Museum Studied," for their second Track. Or, students may create two custom Tracks, or combine minors, certificate programs, such as the Certificate in Diversity, or they may select one of our Pre-defined Tracks:

  • Sports Management/Marketing
  • Educational Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Health Care Administration
  • Environmental Studies
  • Urban Affairs
  • Big Data
  • Community Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies is not a degree finishing program, it is a nationally recognized academic field.  Students must declare interest in Interdisciplinary Studies in their sophomore or junior year.  Some exceptions will be made for beginning 4th year students. However, no students will be allowed to declare a major in Interdisciplinary Studies after completing more than 12 hours in each of the two Tracks.  For more guidelines for admission as a Major, please click here.

To explore the possibilities in Interdisciplinary Studies or to declare a major, please contact the INTS advisor in University College @

Interested in Interdisciplinary Studies?

For program information, please contact the INTS advisor at the email address below

Rebekah Chojnacki

Mrs. Rebekah Karth Chojnacki (hoy-NOT-skee)