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MARK Advisor Training


MARK (Maverick Advisors Reaching for Knowledge) Training provides UT Arlington advisors with the knowledge and skills to develop a strong foundation in best advising practices that enhance student learning and persistence. 


A certificate is awarded upon completion of all modules in each Tier. The awards ceremony is held at the end of each Spring semester.

MARK Training was launched in Fall 2007 and is comprised of 3 Tiers:

Tier 1 (Foundations) – offered Fall and Spring

6 Modules:

  1. Advising 101 - Learn about the purpose and professional standards of advising.
  2. Policies & Procedures (Undergraduate [Part 1 & 2] or Graduate) - Know university policies and procedures.
  3. Referrals & Resources - Identify appropriate campus resources for referrals.
  4. Advisor Toolbox - Utilize the tools and resources needed to be an effective advisor.
  5. Students - Understand different student populations and demographics.
  6. QPR For Suicide Prevention (Counseling and Psychological Services) - Increase awareness of the warning signs, clues and suicidal communications of people who may be considering suicide and learn how to intervene with at risk individuals.

Tier 2 (Student-Centered Advising & Professional Growth) – offered Fall and Spring

Prerequisite: Tier 1 Certificate

3 Modules:

  1. Persistence: Understanding Key Factors - Understand the factors that impact student persistence.
  2. Student Outreach - Develop a student communication plan. Implement student outreach campaigns by utilizing predictive analytics.
  3. Advisor Strengths (Part 1 & 2) - Identify and utilize personal strengths to enhance your advising career.

Tier 3 (Advising Excellence) - Starting Fall 2017

Prerequisite: Tier 1 & 2 Certificates

Focus: Presenting at a Conference

4 Workshops:

  1. Choosing a Topic
  2. Creating a Proposal
  3. Peer Review
  4. Creating an Engaging Presentation

In addition to attending all workshops, presenting at a conference is also required in order to earn a Tier 3 Certificate.

Tier 3 Information & FAQs

Please contact Emily Milam at if you have any questions or suggestions for the program.

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