University College

Early Alert System

The Early Alert System offers an opportunity for UT Arlington faculty to notify the university's support services of students who are potentially in need of intervention via a convenient web-based form.  Please complete the appropriate form below when you become aware that a student or a group of students are not doing well in your course based on your personal observations, course performance data, or student disclosure of information.  This information will be forwarded to appropriate academic support services on campus for follow-up with the student. 

Early Alert Web Forms

Individual Student Early Alert Web Form -- designed for the submission of a single student

Group Submission Early Alert Web Form -- designed for the submission of multiple students about whom you share the same concern

Emergency Response

This online alert system is not monitored by University professionals 24 hours-7 days a week.  Actions will be taken during normal business hours as the volume of submissions permits.  Student emergencies needing immediate attention should be reported to the University Police at (817)272-3003 or by dialing 911. 

When as student makes any reference to suicide, threat of suicide, or attempt at suicide, a judgement should be made by mental health professionals about the seriousness of a possible suicidal thought or behavior.  Suicide attempts are first and foremost a medical emergency.  If dangerous or suicidal behavior appears imminent:  1) Stay calm and 2) Contact University Police at (817)272-3003 or dial 911.