University College

University College


Students who fail the TSI requirements in a particular area of Reading, Writing, or Math are restricted from taking the following courses until the student is determined to be college ready in that area:


Any Mathematics course at the level of MATH 1302 or higher, or MATH 1308 or higher, including MATH 1301, CHEM 1441 and 1465, BIOL 1441 or higher, and ECON 2305 and 2306.

Reading and/or Writing

Any of the following courses:  ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, HIST 1311, HIST 1312, POLS 2311, POLS 2312, PSYC 1315, SOCI 1311, ECON 2305, ECON 2306, HUMA, LING, CLAS, MAS, WOMS, ANTH, and Foreign Language (unless it is in your native languague).