University College

University College

What If I Am Not Exempt?

UT Arlington requires incoming students who are not exempt to take the TSI Assessment Test. UT Arlington's Testing Services offers the TSI Assessment test on campus.  In order to take the TSI Assessment test, students must do the following:

  1. Take the Pre-Assessment Activity**. To take the Pre-Assessment Activity, please click here. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. After the Pre-Assessment is completed, register for the TSI Assessment test please click here.

** The Pre-Assessment Activity is a state mandated required activity to inform students about the TSI Assessment test and provides sample questions to ensure students understand the Texas Success Initiative program which will allow students to be successful in taking the TSI Assessment test. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO COMPLETE THE TSI ASSESSMENT TEST WITHOUT COMPLETING THE PRE-ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY.

For more information about the Pre-Assessment Activity, please view the Student Information Brochure here.