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Students with Dual Credit

Dual credit is earned when students complete college credit courses with acceptable grades and, with the approval of their high school, use these college credits to satisfy high school graduation requirements.

Note: Each school district determines what college credit courses they will use as dual credit and how they will satisfy high school graduation requirements.  It is important to check with your school district for the most current list of courses.

Please see the following websites for more information about dual credit programs at UT Arlington:

Online Dual Credit Program

On-Campus Dual Credit Program

If a student wishes to continue their enrollment at UT Arlington following high school graduation, they must apply for admission according to applicable admission policies and procedures.  This means the student must meet one of the approved exemptions to meet TSI requirements for enrollment as a degree-seeking student.

If the degree-seeking student does not meet one of the exemptions, they must take a state approved TSI test to meet TSI requirements.  Please contact UT Arlington's Testing Services for more testing information. 

Note: Students must take a Pre-Assessment Activity before they can take the TSI Assessment test. NO EXCEPTIONS. To take the Pre-Assessment Activity click here.

For more information about the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), please click the TSI Student Information Brochure here.