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First-Year Seminars

first-year seminarFirst year students face many challenges. They have to go to class and study daily. They are encouraged to get engaged in a few activities on campus to meet people and develop important skills necessary for success in future employment. In addition to these basic responsibilities, new students have to find their way in a new environment that is very different from what they were used to in high school.

At UT Arlington, we are committed to helping new students make this transition from high school to college. That's why we have designed various types of first-year seminars for freshman students to address their different needs and interests. Students engaging in first-year seminars will develop academic and self-management skills, critical thinking skills, and a more substantial connection to UT Arlington.  Students often have their choice of which seminar is best for them.  Below is some information to help students make the best choice for themselves.

Maverick Scholars Freshman Interest Groups

Many students participating in one of UT Arlington's Freshman Interest Groups, or FIGs, will take a UNIV 1131 first-year seminar.  This unique course, taught by a Peer Academic Leader with assistance from UT Arlington faculty and staff, is focused on success in a student's major.  Topics explored include building successful academic skills, getting involved in college, pursing research opportunities, and best positioning yourself for internships and career opportunities.  This one or three-hour seminar serves as the cornerstone of the FIG experience.

MAVS 1000 – UT Arlington’s First Year Experience Course (FYE)

UT Arlington’s First-Year Experience Course is required of all first-year college students entering for the fall term. This course is an excellent opportunity to learn about your campus and the benefits and fun of becoming a Maverick! The course will orient students to life at UTA and assist in building skills needed for success in college. The First-Year Experience is a 14-week course, taught 1 hour each week, focusing on the importance and reward of getting truly engage in student life here at UTA. The course is 0 credit hours, but is required for all first-year students. (Students in the Maverick Scholar Freshman Interest Groups, will take that course instead). For more information, please visit the FYE web site within the Division of Student Affairs.

Here are a few of the other first-year seminar options available to UT Arlington students:
  • For students who are still exploring their academic options, University College offers Major Exploration, a hands-on approach to learning more about your academic interests and career options with the goal of selecting a major.
  • Student athletes may be required to take a special section of UNIV 1131, which is a one-hour seminar taught in the fall semester by UT Arlington athletic staff.
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