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How to sign your housing contract & Frequently Asked Questions

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Instructions on how to sign your housing contract

Next Step1) Log on to the housing web site (

Next Step2) On the left side of your screen, you should see a box marked "RELATED LINKS."  Click on "Apply Now."
Related Links

Next Step3) In the middle of the screen, you should see an orange button that says "Apply Now." Click that button to access the application/contract system.
Apply Now

Next Step4) Log on with your NetID and Password.
Login Screen

Next Step5) Click on "Application" to access your application/contract.
Welcome Screen

Next Step6) Click the radio button (the circle) next to "AY 2015-2016" to select the correct contract period. Click "Save & Continue."
Application Screen

Next Step7) Read through the Terms and Conditions for your contract. Click "Continue."
Start of Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions Contuinued End of Terms and Conditions

Next Step8) Applies only to students who are not yet eighteen (18) years old.  You will need a copy of the contract to be signed by a Guarantor.  The Guarantor will need to print and send the housing contract (and meal plan contract if there is one) with their signature.  There are two ways to submit the Guarantor signature.  Scan the signed document and email it to, or fax it back at 817-272-2717.  Click the "Print Contract" button (shown with the blue box) and complete the required information (shown with a blue box).
Start of Guarantor InformationGuarantor Information ContinuedEnd of Guarantor Information

Next Step9) Read and Review your contract.  After Reviewing the contract, click the box (indicated in red) to "Step 1 of 2 Pay $150 Deposit" to Pay your Deposit.
Review your contract
Review your contract 2
Click Pay Deposit Here Link

Next Step10) When the Payment screen opens in a new window, you will need to pay your deposit with a credit card online.  Enter in your billing address for the credit card and the credit card of your choice, and click "Submit."

Enter Credit Card Information 1

Next Step11) Review your information to verify it is correct, then click "Confirm."

Enter Credit Card Information 2

Next Step12) After you have made the payment, you will need to click the "Housing Portal" link to return to sign the contract.

Click to continue to sign the contact

Next Step13) You will need to log back in to the correct application to finish signing the contract.  To do this, click on "Application" to access your application/contract.

Welcome Screen

Next Step14) Click the radio button (the circle) next to "AY 2015-2016" to select the correct contract period. Click "Save & Continue."
Application Screen

Next Step15) You are now back in your contract, scroll to the bottom and click on "Step 2 of 2 Sign Housing Contract

Top of ContractContract Continues throughContinue to Sign COntract

Next Step16)You will need to actually sign the housing contract now.  You "sign the contract" by typing your name in the box marked "Contract Signature."  Then click the "I agree to the Contract" button.

Sign the Housing Contract

Next Step17) Select a meal plan from the pull down box. Meal plans are required for residents in Kalpana Chawla Hall (KC Hall), Arlington Hall, and Vandergriff Hall. Residents in Lipscomb North, Lipscomb South, Trinity House, and Brazos House have the option to purchase a meal plan. Once you have selected your plan, please click "Save & Continue."

Meal Plan Contract Part 1Meal Plan 2

Next Step18) Now that you have selected a meal plan, then you will now sign the meal plan contract.  You sign the meal plan contract by typing your name in the "Contract Signature" box.  Click "Save & Continue." If you are under 18, you will need a Guarantor for the meal plan contract, just like you did for the housing contract.

Top of Meal Plan ContractMeal Plan Contract Continues
End of Meal Plan Contract

Contract CompleteContract Complete The system should show that your contracted has been signed.Contract CompleteContract Complete
Contracts Complete


Frequently Asked Questions?

I was told that a contract would be emailed to me. Is that true?

  • When the Housing Office assigns you to a building, they will send an email to your personal e-mail address informing you that an email about your contract was sent to your UT Arlington email account. To access your UT Arlington email account, or to activate it, you can go to The email that is sent to that account will give you more answers to some of the commonly asked questions, as well as detailed instructions about the timeline and your responsibilities to accept your housing contract. The contract itself is not emailed, you must log on to to view the actual contract.

I am not sure where my contract is?

Will my financial aid cover the cost of housing?

  • Everyone's financial aid package is different, so it is hard to tell.  Only the Financial Aid Office can see the specifics of your award, so if you have questions, you will need to contact them.  You can reach them by phone at 817-272-3561, by e-mail at, or on the web at  Even if you are receiving financial aid though, you will still be responsible for the deposit.

Do I have to pay the deposit?

  • Everyone is required to pay the $150 deposit. This must be done at the time of contract acceptance. You will have 4 days to do accept the contract and pay the deposit.
  • Payment of your deposit can be made with a credit card using the secure payment portal online, located with your contract.

How long do I have to complete my contract?

  • Contracts must be completed within four (4) calendar days of the contract being offered. Please note, weekends and holidays are counted as the four (4) days to respond include all calendar days, not just business days.

When I log on, I cannot see my contract. Instead, the screen tells me that the "offer has expired" and it will not let me go any further. What happened?

  • Please note that you only have 4 days from when your contract is first offered (when the Housing Office sends out the email) to accept your contract. If you do not complete all the necessary steps of the contract in that time, then the contract will expire. Please contact the Housing Office at 817-272-2791, or by email at, and they will work with you to try to reinstate the contract.  If you are in a FIG program, then it is also recommended that you notify the FIG program office at and let them know your contract expired and they can also try to assist you.