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Frequently Asked Questions about FIGS

Do all FIG students have to live in KC Hall?
No!  As of Fall of 2015, there will be Residential and Fusion FIGs in three different Residence Halls, not just KC Hall.  You do not have to live in a Residence Hall unless the group's type is listed as "Residential." Space is provided in Residence Halls for FIG students in "Residential" or "Fusion" groups. "Classic" FIGs are not based in any particular Residence Hall.  The "Residential" and "Fusion" FIGs are spread out in our newer residence halls: Arlington Hall, KC Hall, and Vandergriff Hall

Do I have to live in a Residence Hall to be in a FIG?
Not necessarily. You do not have to live in a Residence Hall unless the group's type is listed as "Residential." Space is provided in Residence Halls for FIG students in "Residential" or "Fusion" groups. "Classic" FIGs are not based in any particular Residence Hall.

Is there an application fee to be a Maverick Scholar?

There are no fees associated with the Maverick Scholar program. You pay for the courses you register for each semester and any housing fees associated with any contracts you sign with UT Arlington's Housing Office or Dining Services.

Do I need to be admitted before I can apply?
No, you can apply at any time by following the instructions on the "Application Process" page, which can be found in the links on the left.

I was admitted through the UT CAP program. Do I need to fill out a UT Arlington application if I want to apply for a FIG?
No, UT Arlington will receive your application information automatically when you select UT Arlington as your CAP site, and then go online and pay the UT Arlington Application fee.  You will need to pay the UT Arlington application fee before you will be officially admitted to UT Arlington.  Students doing the UTCAP program also need to be aware that the severe limitations placed on UTCAP students on what courses can be used towards the required 30 hours has severely limited which FIGs can work for UTCAP students.  It is recommended that students do not attempt to do both, as it may require several additional courses to be completed during your first year.

I have AP/IB/CLEP credit; does that mean I cannot be in a FIG?
It will depend on how many courses you have credit for and how many of the required FIG courses you need to take. Call 817-272-6107 and ask to speak to a representative about the FIG program.

I was admitted as a transfer student; may I join a FIG?
Typically the answer is no. FIG students usually are required to take beginning core courses. We do not want you to have to take courses over that you have already completed. Call 817-272-6107 or e-mail us at and be prepared to let him know what classes you anticipate having credit for when you transfer to UT Arlington.

I will be classified as an international student. Can I join a FIG?

I want to start in the spring semester. Can I join a FIG?
Sorry, all of our Maverick Scholar FIGs start in the fall semester. You may, however, join a Learning Community in Arlington Hall, KC Hall, or Vandergriff Hall at any time when you move into one of the newer Residence Halls.

I want to start in the summer semester. Can I join a FIG?
That is usually not a problem, but you have to be careful which courses and how many total hours you take. It is highly recommended that you consult with the University College Programs Office at 817-272-6107 prior to enrolling in summer classes to avoid taking classes that will cause you to become ineligible for your desired FIG. If you take summer courses at UT Arlington, you must earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA or you may become ineligible for your desired FIG.

I applied for a FIG more than a week ago and have not received any confirmation that my application was received. What should I do?
If you have not received confirmation e-mail, call 817-272-6107.

Do I have to attend New Maverick Orientation?
The University of Texas at Arlington requires all "first time-first year" students to register for and attend a complete New Maverick Orientation program.

I recently applied for a FIG but I did not get an email telling me which group I was assigned to yet. Can I go ahead and register for a FIG Exclusive New Maverick Orientation?
No. You will need to wait until you hear officially that you have been placed in a FIG. Groups will quickly and wait-lists have been known to start in some groups as early as March. If you are concerned that you need to make sure you sign up for an early orientation, go ahead and register for an early NON-FIG orientation, and if you get into a FIG, you can always complete a date change request (and for FIG students, usually the fee can be waived).

I cannot attend the FIG Exclusive New Maverick Orientation. What orientation should I attend?
If you cannot attend the orientation because you will be out of the country or in class or the orientation is already full, you will need to register for a different orientation date. We highly recommend that you attend orientation prior to July 15 to ensure that you can get into the appropriate courses for your FIG and major.

I cannot register for New Maverick Orientation. It will not accept my NetID and password.  Am I doing something wrong?
There are a couple of things you will want to check.  First, remember that your NetID and password are case sensitive.  Your NetID uses lowercase letters only.  Some systems are not case sensitive for the NetID, but the majority are, so try lowercase letters.  If that does not work, then check online at to reset your password.  If you still have problems, call the OIT HelpDesk at 817-272-2208.

I am an international student and therefore cannot attend any of the orientation dates listed on the New Maverick Orientation Web site. What do I need to do to get in the right classes?
E-mail us at and let him know that you are an international student who will be attending an international student orientation in August through the International Office. We will e-mail you the required FIG course schedule during the first week of August, prior to your orientation.

Am I required to take all the classes on the FIG schedule?
If you already have credit for the class, no. If you do not have credit for the class, then it depends. Some of the classes will be required in order to get into spring classes. In addition, you really should take the specific sections that are listed on the schedule as well. A large part of the experience and benefit of this program is that you are in a group and in the same classes.  Please note that while we will look at your case on an individual basis, there are still minimum criteria that must be met or you will not be able to remain in the FIG.

Am I required to take the UNIV 1131/COLA 1100 that is listed on the schedule?
Yes!  Each section of UNIV 1131 or COLA 1100 is tied to a specific program.  You must take that class, in that section, at that day and time, or you cannot be in the FIG or any of the FIG-held courses.

What happens if I do not enroll in the UNIV 1131/COLA 1100 that is listed on the schedule, drop that class, "opt out" of the FIG, or do not meet the minimum criteria to stay in the FIG?
You cannot take a FIG First-Year-Seminar or be in any of the FIG-held sections of classes unless you meet our minimum criteria. If you fail to meet these requirements, or drop your First -Year-Seminar at any time, then you will be removed from the FIG program, and may be dropped from all FIG-held courses. If you have a Residence Hall contract through the FIG program, it may also affect your housing assignment.

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