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American College Test (ACT)

The ACT Assessment measures skills in English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. Each of these tests contains multiple-choice questions that offer either four or five answer choices. Beginning in 2005, students testing in the U.S. may register for one of two Test Options: the ACT Assessment or the ACT Assessment Plus Writing, which includes a 30-minute Writing Test for an additional fee.

The basic test fee is $38.00 for the ACT Assessment and $54.50 for the ACT Assessment Plus Writing. There are additional fees for late registration, standby testing, changing test centers or test dates, and for additional services and products.  Photo Upload is required with Registration and Photo ID is required to Check in on Test day.

Please visit the ACT web site at for more information.

Register for the ACT

Register Online: Register online at  

Register by Phone: If you are in high school and have already taken the ACT Assessment on a national test date within the last two years, you may reregister by phone. Please see a registration bulletin or the web site for more information.