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Winter Weather

The University is closely monitoring the weather conditions.  In the event that you do not feel that you will be able to make it to a scheduled testing appointment, you may attempt to move your appointment in the exam scheduler ( but if your appointment is within the next 24 hours, you will need to contact Testing Services via email ( and we will be happy to assist you in rescheduling.  In the event that it becomes necessary to reschedule due to an alteration to our normal operating hours, please look for emails from Testing Services personnel who can assist you in rescheduling.

With a delay in opening, all appointments starting before 11am MUST be rescheduled. If the University is open in the afternoon, you can request an appointment time for the afternoon, but if the University closes, you will need to reschedule for next week or later.

The current status of the University can always be located online on the University Home Page or by calling 1-866-258-4913.

2014-2015 Advanced Standing Examination (ASE)

UT Arlington uses examinations prepared by faculty for use in awarding credit by examination. Some information on how to prepare for this examination is available in our office and some is available in the academic departments. The Advanced Standing Examinations may be taken by UT Arlington students only and is not transferable to other colleges or universities. The examinations offered are freshmen and sophomore levels only. They include English 1301 and 1302 (dictionaries provided by Testing Services); and Math 1315, 1316, 1325, 2425, and 2326 (calculators may be used).

  • Corresponding credits but not letter grades will be granted to students who pass the examination.
  • For English examinations, credit for 1301 must be earned before attempting 1302.
  • Students can retake the English Examinations three months after the test date; other retakes require a six-month waiting period (no exceptions).
  • The individual academic departments may administer other examinations. Students interested in junior or senior level examinations should check with individual departments.
  • Students are encouraged to consult the Undergraduate Catalog or the Testing Services office regarding additional credit-by-examination policies of UT Arlington.

English 1301 and 1302: For general instructions, see English Essay Instructions (PDF).

UT Arlington Students, please note the Credit-by-Examination Policy.

"Credit by examination can be awarded only for courses in which the student has neither a passing nor a failing grade (including a Z in English) at UT Arlington or transfer credit from another institution of higher education." Read the complete list of credit-by-exam policies for UT Arlington.

Our regular testing time is 1 p.m. Monday-Friday  or 9 a.m,  Friday. (excluding holidays).

Spanish Supplemental:

The Spanish Supplemental is a multiple-choice exam that covers the fourth level of Spanish grammar and spelling.  If you are registered to take a CLEP Spanish test at UT Arlington you are automatically given the Supplemental Exam and should not register for it separately.

If you passed the CLEP Spanish test but did not pass the Supplemental, and would like to re-test then you can sign up for the ASE Spanish Supplemental after three (3) months.

If you took the CLEP Spanish test at another test site and did not claim the credit at another institution (it isn’t transferring to UT Arlington), then contact CLEP to have your scores sent to UT Arlington (CB code 6013) and sign up to take the ASE Spanish Supplemental.

This exam may only be taken a total of two (2) times.

ASE Registration

Register at Fee is $40.

Test-day Procedures

  • Students may only take one examination per test date.
  • Check-in for exams starts promptly at  9 a.m. or 1 p.m.
  • Examinees must bring a photo ID and the admission ticket with them.
Satisfactory Scores and Course Credit 2014 - 2015
ExaminationScoreUT Arlington Courses
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing I 3.52 ENGL 13011
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing II 3.52 ENGL 13021
College Algebra for Economics and Business Analysis 75%3 MATH 1315
Mathematics for Economics and Business Analysis 75%3 MATH 1316
Algebra and Trigonometry 75%3 MATH 1324
Analytic Geometry 75%3 MATH 1325
Calculus II 75%3 MATH 2425
Calculus III 75%3 MATH 2326

Spanish Supplemental                                               80%  SPAN 2314

1Must wait three months before attempting a retake examination. A second score with a test date less than three months from the first test date will not be evaluated.

2 Credit for 1301 must be earned before attempting 1302.

3 Must wait six months before attempting a retake examination. A second score with a test date less than six months from the first test date will not be evaluated. Score needed prior to 11/01/2012 is 80%.

4 Must have Official CLEP Spanish Language test scores sent from The College Board.  ASE Spanish Supplemental score is used in conjunction with passing CLEP score to attain SPAN 2314 credit.  Supplemental may be taken once every 3 months. Total times allowed is two (2).