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Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI Assessment) - As a Remote Test

Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI Assessment) - As a Remote Test

Remote means that you need to take the TSI Assessment at a test center that is not at the college you will be attending because you live more than an hour away from the college and there is a test site closer to you.

If you live in the DFW area and are planning to attend another (not UTA) Texas Institution of Higher Education:

You may take your TSI Assessment at UT Arlington as a remote exam from your institution.  There are two ways to do this:

1.  UT Arlington is listed as a remote center in the TSI Assessment platform and your school can issue UT Arlington a voucher to administer your exam.

  • Contact the Texas college you wish to attend.
  • Complete their Pre-Assessment Activity
  • Request to take the TSI Assessment at UT Arlington and let your school know we are on the Accuplacer Platform Remote Network
  • Your institution will issue a voucher to UT Arlington to administer your exam.  You will receive an e-mail from your institution with that information.
  • Once you have your voucher information, click on the non-student link to access the test registration system. 
  • Register for the Distance TSI 5 hour exam. The fee is $50.
  • If you are taking only one section, you may sign up for a Correspondence/Distance Education exam which will provide you a 3 hour block of time for $35.

2.  UT Arlington can also administer the exam if your college wishes to issue us a login and password to their TSI Assessment platform.


If you are planning to attend UT Arlington , have not taken the TSI Assessment,  and do not live in the DFW area:

Please email Testing Services ( or download an application packet for testing in at a local college testing center.  In the email, be sure to include your name, your Mav ID number, and in the subject line, note: Out-of-State/Out-of-Area Testing for TSI. Please allow a 3 day ADVANCE NOTICE to process any test access information.

If you have taken the TSI Assessment at another college testing center:

  • If you attended that college, the scores will be transmitted on that college's transcript to UT Arlington.
  • If you did not attend the college where you took the TSI Assessment, you may request your scores be released from that school, by completing this TSI Score Authorization form.
  • If you took the TSI Assessment at your high school, you will need to do our Pre-Assessment Activity and re-take the TSI Assessment.


More information about the TSI Assessment can be found in the Student Informative Brochure from The College Board.



To find out if you need to take a test to meet the TSI requirement, check your status in MyMav first, then check the TSI Webpage.


Students must take a Pre-Assessment Activity before they can take the TSI Assessment test. NO EXCEPTIONS. To take the Pre-Assessment Activity click HERE .  The University of Texas at Arlington is required by state law to provide the Pre-Assessment Activity as well as document your participation, so it is very important that you complete this activity before you take the test.

You will not be allowed to take the TSI Assessment until you have completed this activity. 

The activity includes the following:

  • An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment;
  • Practice test questions and feedback;
  • An explanation of all your developmental education options, if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard; and
  • Information on campus and community resources that will help you succeed as a college student.

Prepare for the TSI Assessment

It is strongly recommended that you practice before taking the exam.  The following links below will help you prepare for your test assessment:

There is a TSI Assessment study information at The CollegeBoard as well


The TSI Assessment test cut scores are listed below based on when students enter UT Arlington:

Phase 1 – Students entering higher education Fall 2013

  • Mathematics - 350
  • Reading - 351
  • Writing – Essay Score of 5 and Multiple Choice of 350; Essay Score of 4 and Multiple Choice of 363

Phase 2 – Students entering higher education Fall 2017

  • Mathematics - 356
  • Reading - 355
  • Writing - Essay Score of 5 and Multiple Choice of 350; Essay Score of 4 and Multiple Choice of 363

Final – Students entering higher education Fall 2019

  • Mathematics - 369
  • Reading - 359
  • Writing - Essay Score of 5 and Multiple Choice of 350; Essay Score of 4 and Multiple Choice of 363

Information on what your score means can be found in the Interpreting Your Score brochure provided by The College Board

Diagnostic Tests:  If you do not pass a section of the TSI Assessment, you will be required to take the diagnostic test in that section.  The results of the Diagnostic Test will help you and your advisor know what skills need to be developed.