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Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI Assessment)

If you were not enrolled in a Texas public institution of higher education prior to August 22, 2013 or are not exempt from TSI, you MUST take this exam.  Prior TSI exams are no longer accepted.

The purpose of this test is to measure a student’s readiness for college-level course work.  The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program is mandated by state law and requires all students attending a public institution of higher education to prove they are ready to take entry-level college courses which require reading, writing and math skills.  By law, the TSI Assessment, exemptions, and passing scores are the same at every public institution of higher education in Texas.  Please make sure you are prepared to take this TSI Assessment.  

The test is computer-based and must be administered in a proctored environment at a college testing center.  


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