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When is The Big Event? The Big Event is schedule on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Project Site FAQ

I am a business/homeowner and would like to register as a Project Site, where or who do I contact to do this? You can email for this information or go to The Big Event (TBE) website under "Project Sites" to fill out the online form. Registration for sites begin in the fall semester and goes on through mid February of the next year.

Are there requirements we have to follow to be a Project Site? Yes, the project should last four hours between 9:00am and 1:00pm.  So if you have work for 5, 10, 20 or 100 people, then there should be enough work to keep everyone busy for the four hours.

If my business/home or event is in Fort Worth, Dallas, or the surrounding Metroplex, am I eligible to register? Yes, TBE usually take anyone in the Metroplex area, which includes Arlington, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, HEB area and sometimes in Dallas. The Big Event tries to maintain traveling distance up to 30 minutes or less for project sites because many of our students do not have transportation. We especially would like to have more homeowners to participate on this day.  So if you need volunteers to paint, mow, mulch, plant or any other type of small projects around the house, TBE wants you to sign up.

Will you still send volunteers if our hours are different than The Big Event?  It will depend on the time.  If you need Volunteers at 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00am then yes TBE can work with you.  If you need volunteers later than 11:00am, it does not work into our time frame so TBE would not setup your location as a site for volunteers.

How can I get volunteers to come if our schedule does not match The Big Event schedule? You can contact one of our many organizations at UT Arlington.  UTA Volunteers work through the fall and spring semesters, but not the summer.  You can go to our MavOrg site to find an organization who may help you on the date you required.  Please give the Organizations plenty of notice if you need volunteers.  Global Youth Service Day will sometimes fall on the same weekend as The Big Event, you can contact them via their website Global Youth Service

Is there a deadline to register as a Project Site for The Big Event (TBE)? Yes, TBE will take Project site applications in the fall semester.  The deadline to register will vary each year. TBE usually has a one week extension.  The extension will be determined in the spring closer to the deadline date.  We highly encourage Agencies to sign up at their earliest convenience. 

Does The Big Event provides large tools like wheelbarrow, weed eater and/or mower? The Big Event does not provide large items tools, like weed eaters, wheelbarrow and mower. TBE usually provide garden tools such as different rakes, clippers, shovels, brooms, and hoes. 

I am a homeowner and need my roof repaired and electrical work done, can your volunteers do this type of work?  The Big Event volunteers are not equipped to work on roofs or any other type of work that may require a license or certified Contractor.  TBE volunteers would only work with helping paint, help with yard work or gardening and maybe some mowing but mower must be provided by the homeowner.  

What if there is a threat of rain? Will TBE continue? Yes, because TBE will have indoor site locations.  TBE Committee monitors the weather and will notify volunteers after getting updates from the project sites. TBE encourage volunteers to keep an eye on the website for updates.  

Site Leaders FAQ

What is a Site Leader? A Site Leader is the lead volunteer at a specific project site.  The Site Leader will be required to attend training sessions so they learn the skills in order to work with the Project Site contact, obtain information, and relay it to the volunteers. Ex: location, what the job entails, what to wear/bring, etc.  They are expected to meet with the contact at the project site, get information and relay back to the Committee and their volunteers prior to TBE.  On the day of TBE they will have a packet with waivers, shirts, meal tickets and any other information to pass along to the volunteers.

How do I become a Site Leader? You can go to The Big Event Website and click "How to participate" and the link will be under the SITE LEADER heading. Site Leaders are typically recruited in the fall and spring of the current year. Deadline to apply is in January.  It will be at the discretion of The Big Event Director to accept any more site leaders after the deadline. Once you apply, you will be interviewed, trained, and assigned to a Project Site.

Does someone in my Group or Organization need to be a Site Leader? No, they do not, unless the group or organization prefer them too.  If they want someone in the group to be a Site Leader then they will have to apply, be interviewed, and trained to qualify by our deadline date. Usually we look for a Team representative, who does not have to be trained, but will work with our Site Leader the day of the event.

How many Site Leaders are assigned to a project site?  It depends on the Project Site and how many volunteers are requested. Typically, if a project site requests 60 volunteers we would assign three site leaders.  If a project site request 10 volunteers, we would assign one site leader.

How many volunteers are assigned to a Site Leader? Depending on the site, there can be as few as 3 volunteers to a Site Leader or many as 20-30 per Site Leader. 

Volunteers FAQ

How do I register as a volunteer for The Big Event? Go to our website at and click on the "How to Participate" link.  There will be a link to register in February 2018.

How long do I have to stay at the site? The Big Event is held from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  We ask the volunteers to stay the four hours. Incentives are t-shirts and meal bracelets to eat lunch.  

Can I register my organization or group? Yes, see the “How to Participate” page to register under the 2018 PROJECT SITE heading. There will be a link or links next to the site labeled GROUPS ONLY.  Groups must have 10 to 20 volunteers to be considered a group.  Any less than that must register individually.

I do not have all the information to sign-up my group, can I just add my 1000#, email and phone for each one?  Unfortunately No you cannot.  Each volunteers must have their own, Emails, Phone and 1000#. If they are the same, then it will be considered incomplete and the group is considered ineligible for the site and the site will still be available to other groups.

Is transportation provided? No, transportation is not provided. So if you do not have a vehicle, we recommend you register for a project within walking distance from UTA.  Sites will be labels "walking" if you have no transport.

How many are considered a “group”?  Your group, organization, or department must have at least 10 people to register to be a group.  You will be able to register up to 20 people.  If there are less than 10 in a group you must register individually.

How do I switch sites?  I registered at one site and now my group/organization will be at another. Email to make this change or call 817-272-2963 to make this change.  Please DO NOT re-register.

How do I remove my double registration? My group/organization signed me up but I already was signed up at another site. Email to make this change or call 817-272-2963. Please DO NOT re-register.

I signed up at a site and now it is closed and the rest of my Organization/Department wants to attend, can they tag along on the day of?  Typically we do not allow others to come once a site is full because the site has requested only a certain amount of people.  If you have a large group please have them sign up before the deadline.

Can a site be reserved for my group/organization?  No, we cannot reserve a site for any one group or organization.  We highly recommend that organizations sign up before the deadline if they want a group site.

I signed up 15 people to my group during early registration and now have 5 more who would like to sign-up, can we add them to the group of 20? If you signed up 10-15 in a group that asked for 20, then the additional slots are usually moved to the individual sign-ups because they may not get filled OR a new group is created if 10 spots are left over.  This would fall into the category of holding or reserving a spot.  We recommend that you sign up your complete group the first time.  If you need help with this, please call 817-272-2963 for help.

My spouse and child are participating too, do they need to register too?  Yes, anyone volunteering for The Big Event must register.  This helps us to know how many volunteers attended. This includes any friends or relatives. A waiver for minors will be available from your site leader the day of The Big Event.

Is my two-year old child allowed to attend?  Typically it is up to the parent for that age or the location they want to volunteer.  If the site is construction type work, then no we do not recommend taking a child this young. Site will advise of age limit as well. If you are going to a park to pickup trash then this should be ok, but it is up to the parent and location they volunteer at.  If a child is 5 or older they would be required to have a waiver signed by the parent.

Do all volunteers have to be a UTA Student?  No, we encourage all of the Arlington and surrounding DFW and Metroplex communities to participate in this event. This includes, schools, Scouts, church communities and anyone who want to help with volunteering for the day.

What if I do not have transportation and how do I get there? There will be project sites on and off campus within walking distance, and we encourage volunteers to sign up for those sites unless you find your own transportation.

Can my Site Leader take me there if I don't have transports?  No, they are not obligated to give rides.  It is solely up to them.  Transportation should be arranged by the volunteer if the site is away from UTA.

Who will contact me about the site information? Where to meet, what to wear, transportation, etc.? Site Leaders will be the person contacting you. They will contact you about one week before The Big Event, to give you information where to meet, what to wear, etc. 

How do I get a the waiver form? Waivers can be collected from your Site Leader on the day of The Big Event. They must be signed and returned to the site leader to turn into The Big Event office.

What is the deadline to register as a Volunteer for The Big Event? The deadline is April 6 or it will be at the discretion of The Big Event Director to take any more volunteers after deadline.

Is there an after-party? Yes, a Thank-You Celebration is always held for the volunteers for their hard work and service to the community.  Lunch is provided and a variety of entertainment.  This is usually held after all the volunteers are done at their project site. An RSVP is usually required when you sign up.

I am a vegetarian, will there be food available to me?  Yes, we typically have food available for vegetarians. Volunteers usually note this in the comment section during registration.

I am having problem with the registration, who do I contact to help me? You can call our offices at 817-272-2963 for help or email