A Passion for Food

In his Oct. 14 campus appearance, celebrity chef Rick Bayless talked about his life, his career, and of course, food. Interesting tidbit: He spoke about how his background in anthropology has made him a better chef. Thanks to his studies, he has a deep appreciation and passion for how food can link us to the past even while we celebrate the present. See more of his keynote speech here.

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2 Responses to A Passion for Food

  1. Lynn F. Johnson

    I am not able to go to most of the Speaker Series but would really like to hear what they say. Is there any way to record the entire speeches and put them on here?

    • utarlington

      UT Arlington is contractually prohibited from reproducing the entire presentations of speakers in our Maverick Speakers Series. However, we will continue to post video highlights on the UTArlington Magazine website.

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