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Lamarcus Reed III

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Not many NCAA basketball players enter their final season with a college diploma in hand. But LaMarcus Reed III will do just that when he takes the court this fall after completing his bachelor’s degree in finance in 3½ years. That Reed, a forward and the Mavericks’ leading scorer last season, finished early can be traced to his grandfather. “From an early age, my grandpa stressed education and discipline and respect. Those were the three rules in our family. He kind of scared those rules into me since I was 5 years old.” Reed has made a name for himself as a hard worker who gets vocal if necessary but prefers to lead by example. Part of that includes excelling in the classroom. He’s now working on a second bachelor’s degree, in economics. On the court, he still has a sour taste from how the 2010-11 season ended. The Mavericks needed a win over UT San Antonio on the final day of the regular season to advance to the Southland Conference Tournament but lost 68–63. “That UTSA game still doesn’t sit well with me,” Reed says. “I don’t want to have a feeling like that again. This is my last chance, and I don’t want to end my career like that.”

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