Looking within ourselves helps make us who we are. For art Associate Professor Nancy Palmeri, self-reflection is a constant theme. With a focus on printmaking and drawing, Palmeri thrives on the hands-on nature of her art as it examines family, religion, gender, and childhood. Printmaking involves transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material. Common matrices include metal plates, blocks of wood, and linoleum. “For me, it’s important to maintain the unvarnished authenticity of the processes,” she says. “Within these traditional media, I still find a heterogeneous world in which to balance form and content.” Palmeri’s work has received international recognition and is featured in the collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Art Museums, The Royal Museum of Fine Art in Antwerp, Belgium, the Instituto per la Cultura e l’arte in Catania, Italia, and numerous others. She received a fellowship for her work at the Frans Masereel Graphic Arts Center in Kasterlee, Belgium.

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