African-American History

Little-known aspects of U.S. history shape much of painter Burl Washington’s nationally recognized artwork. With a keen eye for detail, the UT Arlington alumnus and Fort Worth resident captures bygone events that made America great but often are omitted from history books. “When I was growing up, history was boring. Now it’s just a gold mine,” he says. “The more you dig, the more you find. It’s inspiring.” Washington, who works primarily with watercolor and watercolor board, often focuses on buffalo soldiers, African-American cowboys, and women of the West. With work on display internationally and with featured exhibits at the Booth Western Art Museum in Carterville, Ga., and the National Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston, he is educating people with his artistic vision of history. “There’s just a lot of our history that people don’t know about, and I want to bring it to their attention. That’s the whole thing. I want people to walk away from my art and be as inspired as I was when I made it.”

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