Flight Deck

Don’t think of your next flight delay as an inconvenience. Think of it as an opportunity to peruse fine works by some of the nation’s leading artists. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is home to $6 million in commissioned paintings, sculptures, and mosaic floor medallions. At Love Field in Dallas, a modernization project is transforming the airport into another place to see outstanding art. The Gallery at UTA recently hosted “Flight Deck: Public Art at DFW and Love Field” showcasing the airport displays. The exhibit featured established art as well as models of forthcoming work intended for both locations. “Public art humanizes the public space and makes it more inviting,” says art Professor Benito Huerta, who curated the exhibit. “The airport is the first impression for visitors to the Metroplex, and the art gives that impression depth as to the diversity of ideas, expression, and culture within our community.”

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