Overpasses, by their nature, invite travelers to go over, not under. Thus the areas beneath them are unappreciated, a little foreboding, and passed through quickly. But Bryce Bennett ’13 views these spaces as calm and peaceful, as devoid of human existence as the mountains and vast wilderness of his native Montana. In his photographic series Beneath, he seeks to capture that feeling by presenting images that are warm, elegant, and inviting. “I wanted to capitalize on the intimate light that most of the spaces have and use that light to show the beauty of each setting,” he says. “I wanted the viewer to find that beauty within a specific environment they never considered to begin with.” For his work as an undergraduate, which included this series and others, Bennett in May received the UT System Board of Regents’ Outstanding Student Award in Arts and Humanities. “I have found the Art Department at UT Arlington to cultivate an open-minded and diverse environment for a young artist,” he says. “It has allowed my creativity and conceptual processes to progress in ways I never thought possible.”

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