Friends and colleages pay tribute

"Clay was a good leader not only in words but also in how he played the game. He was like a son to me. I felt like I had raised him since the time he was 18."
- former UTA baseball coach Butch McBroom

"Life provides you with few heroes, but we had one in Clay."
- former UTA assistant coach Troy Conkle

"He showed the most courage I've ever seen in a young man facing that kind of situation."
- Texas A&M baseball coach Mark Johnson

"Clay's home was the UTA baseball field. He had great plans for the baseball field, and those plans will come true."
- UTA political science Associate Professor Allan Saxe

"Clay Gould represented the best of UTA: ability, values and vision. Clay left a lasting legacy. His commitment to us will be honored by the University's ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining the type of baseball program he wanted."
- UTA President Robert E. Witt

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