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UTA mascot Sam Maverick

Just how hot do you get in that costume?
I can encounter temperatures ranging from 100 to 140 degrees. I remember the last game of the 2002-2003 basketball season when I had to stay in the suit for a double-overtime game. My body temperature probably rose to about 120 degrees, and after the game I probably drank around five bottles of water.

What happens if nature calls?
Most of the time I go to the restroom before I put the suit on, and then I usually go during halftime of basketball games and the break in action of the volleyball games. However, most of the time I really don't have to go because I'm so involved in the action.

Darrell Holloway ('98 BA) performs as Sam Maverick Darrell Holloway ('98 BA) performs as Sam Maverick

Ever been kicked, punched, slapped or hit by a kid? Ever had your head ripped off?
Never had my head ripped off. It's fitted with a hockey helmet that has a chin strap. The worst thing that a kid has ever done was pull my gloves off, revealing my own hand.

How'd you get this job?
I became Sam Maverick during the 2002-2003 academic year after I was asked to be Sam during the Southland Conference volleyball championship in Nacogdoches. It was the first time I had ever been in any type of mascot uniform. Luckily, my personality helped me pump up our UTA fans to raise the noise level for our volleyball team. After that game, the cheerleading coach decided to give me the chance to be Sam Maverick.

What's the relationship between Sam Maverick and the new female mascot?
Samantha and I are brother and sister. Therefore, no type of romance exists since we're family.

How much better is your new outfit compared with the old?
This new suit is a whole lot better than the old one and a lot more animated looking. The old one was just an old cowboy shirt with an old smelly cowboy head. This new one has large boots, pants with a belt with a UTA logo belt buckle, a fitted body suit with muscles and a fitted Sam Maverick head that really brings out the kid in everyone.

What's the best gig you've had as Sam Maverick?
The best opportunity to be Sam Maverick was during kid's day at the Fort Worth Brahmas hockey game, where I was able to participate in several intermission games to entertain the fans with other local mascots like the TCU Horned Frog, Rowdy the Dallas Cowboys mascot and the Fort Worth Cats mascot, Dodger. The energy of the crowd was outrageous.

Do you have to go to mascot school to become a good mascot?
Yes, I finished mascot camp in July in San Marcos. I learned how to be more animated and improve my walk as a cowboy, and I received new ideas on how to entertain and get the crowd involved in my performances.

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