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A high-tech hatching
Mix a brilliant nanotechology researcher with an investor, a marketing guru and a business startup entrepreneur, and what results can be, unfortunately, zero. Enter the Arlington Technology incubator...
Life in the fast lane
Somewhere, there's a UTA computer keypunch machine serving handily as a boat anchor.
The good Samaritans
Junior Anabelle Rangel had tried the "Padre Island spring break thing" and found it lacking. So this spring,...she and several other members of UTA Volunteers spent five days at Camp Summit near Argyle working with developmentally delayed adults.
Window to the world
Hundreds of school children, including some who had never traveled beyond Texas' borders, visited the world during UTA's 25th annual International Week in late March.
Collaboration for education
"Basically, this involves seamless transitions from high schools to community colleges to the University, with connections to the workplace through seminars and internships."
Strength in numbers
For the ninth consecutive semester, UTA enrollment is up, this time 6.3 percent over last year.
Seeking professional help
Through the RealWork Mentor Network program, IBM executive Koustuv Ghoshal imparted valuable career advice to sophomore Elizabeth Donkoh.
Role reversal
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