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Test Your UTA IQ

1. What academic department conferred the most bachelor's degrees during spring commencement ceremonies?

A. English
B. Information Systems and Operations Management
C. Biology
D. Fire

IQ test

2. Who of the following is a former UTA president?

A. Benjamin Harrison
B. Frank Noble
C. Jack Woolf
D. Wolfman Jack

3. How many doctoral degree programs does UTA offer?

A. 30
B. 12
C. 3
D. 2002

4. What is the oldest building on campus?

A. Ransom Hall
B. Preston Hall
C. Lipscomb Hall
D. Ida Hall

5. UTA has gained national recognition for its nanotechnology research facility. Nanotechnology refers to

A. the study of wireless technology.
B. microelectronics manufacturing.
C. the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.
D. genetically altered bananas.



Answers: 1. B. Information Systems and Operations Management awarded 143 bachelor's degrees this spring. 2. C. Jack Woolf served as president of Arlington State College and UTA from 1958 to 1968. 3. A. According to the 2001-2002 UTA Fact Book, the University offers 30 doctoral degree programs, 69 master's programs and 84 baccalaureate programs. 4. A. Ransom Hall was built in 1919 and originally served as the Administration Building. It now houses UTA's largest computing facility. 5. C.

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