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Enrollment isn't the only thing blossoming

  • Money from government grants and contracts increased from $21.4 million in 1998-99 to $30.9 million in 2001-02, a 44.6 percent gain.
  • 2,185 students graduated in May, the largest number ever for any UTA commencement.
  • From 1997 to 2002, money raised through the Annual Fund more than tripled to $853,000.
  • The number of students eating on campus is up 5 percent over last year. Among the food they consumed: 6,120 pounds of cheese pizza, 17,850 gallons of soda and juice, and 15,950 pounds of french fries.
  • In the last five years, UTA’s budget has increased 34.5 percent to more than $247 million.
  • A record 3,400 students lived on campus in fall 2002, and a record 7,500 were members of student organizations.
  • Since 1999, UTA has added nearly 500,000 square feet of building space, with plans for an additional 469,500 by 2005.
  • 1,820 students graduated last December, the largest number ever for a fall commencement.
  • Internet course offerings have increased from 33 to 63 since 2000, a 91 percent rise.
  • Since 1998, the number of first-time undergraduates applying for admission has more than doubled to nearly 5,000.


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