With great students...great expectations

"Almost unheard of" is how Student Publications Director Lloyd Goodman describes the recent feats of Shorthorn reporter Matt Stiles.

Stiles, a senior journalism major, won a...
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Dejan Matic The best & brightest
Excellence abounds among UTA's 21,000-plus students. Here are a few of their stories.
Deborah Kiley   The storm before the calm
After surviving a near-death experience at sea, alumna Deborah Kiley uses what she learned to help others.
DaLesia Brown   The Gates way to a college education
Several Gates Millennium Scholars have chosen to pursue their education at UTA.
Rob Morris and Donna Stump   Delivery on demand
UTA/Fort Worth Campus finds its niche as enrollment surges.
Donny Beacham   Playing smart
Donny Beacham scores on the basketball court and in the classroom.
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