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Tour of Greece
Sponsored by UTA Alumni Association
June 17-29, 2003
Tour directed by Professor Karl Petruso

The tour will focus on the antiquities of Greece from the Bronze Age to the Medieval period, with an emphasis on the art and architecture of the classical period (6th-4th centuries B.C.).

Professor Karl Petruso (Program in Anthropology and associate dean of the Honors College) will direct the tour. Dr. Petruso, a classical archaeologist, has excavated extensively in Greece and elsewhere in the eastern Mediterranean since 1969.

All overland transporation will be by private coach; all hotels are air conditioned. The total tour price (not available at press time) will include all hotels, breakfasts, transportation and entrance to archaeological sites and museums.

For more information, please contact:

Tamela Herczeg, Executive Director, UTA Alumni Association
817-272-2594 • 800-687-8855 • herczeg@uta.edu

Or visit www.utaalumni.org where details will be posted as available.

Photo: Angel Flores

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