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Test Your UTA IQ

1. What did Alpha Phi Omega pranksters attach to the exterior of the commode-shaped Little Theater in 1967?

A. a giant role of toilet paper
B. a photograph of the Tidy Bowl man
C. a handle
D. a yellow Volkswagen Beetle

IQ test

2. By what percentage did the number of students pledging a fraternity increase last fall compared to fall 2001?

A. 46 percent
B. 26 percent
C. 6 percent
D. 0.6 percent

3. Former UTA baseball player John Lackey recently achieved what World Series feat?

A. He became the first rookie to hit for the cycle.
B. He became the first rookie to hit a grand slam.
C. He became the first rookie in 93 years to win a Game 7.
D. He became the first rookie to devour an order of nachos on the mound.

4. UTA led all four-year Texas universities with an enrollment increase of 2,641 students in fall 2002.

A. true
B. false
C. maybe
D. all of the above

5. What was the last residence hall built on campus before Arlington Hall opened in fall 2000?

A. Lipscomb Hall
B. Trinity House
C. Brazos House
D. Big Mama’s House

1. C. See "No flushing this prank."
2. A. 146 students pledged a fraternity last fall compared to 100 in fall 2001.
3. C. See "Ex-Maverick leads Angels to first World Series title."
4. A. See "Population explosion".
5. B. Trinity House was built in 1963.


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