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Los Angeles, California

Norry Niven


Director Norry Niven is on a roll. His commercials promoting the Fox series 24: Live Another Day kept Super Bowl XLVIII viewers riveted despite a lopsided Seattle win. His feature From Above starring Danny Glover is winning film festival accolades, and Niven recently returned from shooting promos in South Africa for the upcoming season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning Homeland. “It’s been an interesting few years,” he says. “We’ve done a mixture of regular commercials and on-air promos, which has been really fun. As a director, doing promos is a lot like doing a film. The creativity is limitless.” Niven, a 1985 film graduate who founded Dallas-based Stone Core Films and Los Angeles-based Three-One-O, has three Texas-based film projects in the pipeline, including a children’s story with Michael Caine and Woody Harrelson about a talking dog named Olio. The Arlington native says his hands-on UTA education and the tight-knit North Texas film community are a big part of his success. “When you’re at UTA, it’s that Texas mentality of, ‘Hey, let’s go create. Here’s the theory, here are the tools, now go make, go do.’ Not many colleges offer that in filmmaking.”


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