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Grubbs Vocational College, early 1920s

Grubbs Vocational College, early 1920s

Among the institutional transformations UTA has undergone over the years was its transition from Arlington Military Academy in 1917 to Grubbs Vocational College, a branch of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (now Texas A&M). Named for Judge Vincent W. Grubbs, who led a campaign to create the school, the junior college focused on teaching the agricultural, mechanical, and industrial trades, as well as household arts. In the picture above, female students study cooking in a laboratory housed in a two-story women's building on campus. Enrollment at Grubbs reached 808 in the 1922-23 school year, but at the time of this picture, another University transition was already in the works: In 1923, Grubbs Vocational College became North Texas Agricultural College. The Grubbs legacy still stands on UTA's campus today, however, as the construction of W.A. Ransom Hall, the oldest building on campus, was completed under the Grubbs administration.


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