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World-class art has a home in the Fine Arts Building on the UTA campus

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    Am I Happy or Am I Manic?

    M. Kate H. Shark worked with textiles and hangers to create these pieces.

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    Binary Codes

    Made by Janet Morrow, this display includes 25 white and 25 black gnomes.

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    Laura Garcia shaped her sculpture from aluminum powder and resin.

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    All the Water That Will Ever Be, Is Right Now

    This glass and metal work was formed by Neal Paustian.

Dynamic. Defying convention. Right here on campus. In March, The Gallery at UTA featured the MFA Program 10th Anniversary Exhibition, featuring 48 works by 25 alumni of the University's Art and Art History Department. The exhibition offered an inspired collection of work in a variety of mediums, including paint, sculpture, video, textiles, and more. While this show closed in early April, you can still catch many other exhibitions throughout the year.

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