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Michael Cho


The Daily Beast reported that Michael Cho, professor and chair of UTA's Bioengineering Department, is researching how brain injury from shockwaves could be caused by microcavitation, potentially changing the way doctors look for brain injuries suffered in battle. Timothy Bentley, a program manager at the Office of Naval Research who helped direct Navy funding to Cho's research, was also interviewed for the article.


In a Tribune de Genève (Switzerland) article about how Republicans are trying to stop presidential candidate Donald Trump, Rebecca Deen, chair of UTA's Political Science Department, said Trump's rivals are worrying as the polls show more conservative voters are considering him as the likely candidate.

Shima Hamidi


The Atlantic quoted Shima Hamidi, an assistant professor of planning in UTA's College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs, in a story on how transportation impacts housing costs. Dr. Hamidi, director of the Institute of Urban Studies, said HUD needs "a policy that supports housing subsidies that are higher in inaccessible areas to account for higher transportation costs."