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Helios 24/7

Helios 24/7

The word "helio" is Greek for sun. Imagine a world where the sun shines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A world where you could remove the physical need to sleep. Would it be a dream or nightmare? Written and directed by Natalie J. Gaupp, the play Helios 24/7 was part of the Maverick Theatre Company's Mavplays 2016, spotlighting new works by the company's playwrights-in-residence. The production featured Julienne Greer, resident faculty actor (pictured above at right), as businesswoman Judith Lees and B.F.A. student Rachel Glass as her artist daughter, Rowan. The two find themselves at desperate odds over the chilling implications of choosing a sleepless existence. Dr. Gaupp, who earned her B.F.A. from UTA in 1993 and a Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1999, has been a playwright-in-residence for the Maverick Theatre Company since 2009. She has been published by the nationally recognized Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, which spotlights Texas artists who have made significant contributions in the arts and humanities. She has developed her plays with the Association for Theatre in Higher Education's New Play Development Workshop, as well as various companies including Inner Space Theatre in New York City, Pelican Theatre in Miami, FronteraFest in Austin and The Creative Arts Theatre and School in Arlington. Mavplays 2016 also included Dogwood, written and directed by Seraphina Nova, also a playwright-in-residence. The two productions culminated the company's successful 2015-16 season that included productions of Die Fledermaus, The Man Who Came to Dinner, and The Theory of Relativity. Visit to see the latest news on the company's upcoming productions.


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