Snapshot — Winter 2012

2012 Alumni Gala, Scholarship Dinner, Fort Worth Reception, Lockheed Martin Event


Looking within ourselves helps make us who we are. For art Associate Professor Nancy Palmeri, self-reflection is a constant theme. With a focus on printmaking and drawing, Palmeri thrives on the hands-on nature of her art as it examines family, religion, gender, and childhood. Printmaking involves transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material. Common […]

Snapshot — Summer 2012

Austin Mixer, Los Angeles Mixer, Alumni Picnic, San Antonio Mixer

Snapshot — Spring 2012

Homecoming, 25– and 50-year class reunions, Mr. and Ms. UTA Homecoming reunion, and Distinguished Alumni Gala.


Arlington Night on the Town mixer, annual Scholarship Dinner, Leadership Summit, Nedderman Society