Emmitt Smith, Maverick Speaker

You recently spoke on campus about “A Championship Vision.” What does that mean? It’s seeing where you really want to go and developing a plan on how you want to get there. You always have to have a plan to achieve your vision. I wanted to play pro football, and that’s been achieved; now I’m working on the plan to make sure the rest of my […]

Benoit Lecomte, ’11 Master of Architecture

When did you think you could do something as epic as swim the Atlantic Ocean? I was following the progress of a French rower who was rowing across the Atlantic. I realized that I was swimming faster than he was rowing and thought it was something I could do. I was already swimming so much, and I felt like it was a natural progression. What […]

Aaron Resendez, Student Congress President

Why seek such a demanding student position? I wanted to make a difference and be able to connect with students. I remember coming to freshman orientation. The Student Congress president wore a suit, and I didn’t want to go up and talk to him. So during orientation this year, I wore a Polo shirt and khakis, and I talked to a lot of students. I […]

Vivian Walker, Social Work Graduate Student

You recently served a White House internship. Where did you work? I was in the Agency Liaison Department of the Office of Presidential Correspondence. The office receives about 65,000 letters a week and something like 100,000 e-mails a day. Some are requests for congratulatory messages to Eagle Scouts or newlyweds, but others are more serious. My department specifically dealt with letters that could be characterized as […]