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Fast Facts

High Tech

High Tech: Researchers at UTARI take advantage of the facility’s cutting-edge equipment, like this X-Ray machine, which can inspect products to locate cracks or other structural issues.

Model Image

Model Image: One of the newest pieces of equipment at the Research Institute is the 3D printer. It can make a solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model.

Paper Project

Paper Project: Student interns from Arlington high schools helped researcher Stephen Savoie to create this knee socket with a 3D printer. The printing process took about 10 hours.

Research Space

Research Space: The Research Institute houses a variety of high-tech labs, including the High Precision Manufacturing Laboratory, which is equipped with tools used to fabricate small components that require high precision.

Lab For Life

Lab For Life: The Assistive Robotics Lab opened in December 2012. Its goal is to advance robotics use for health care workers and first-responders.

Productive Partners

Productive Partners: The Research Institute has the ability to work with partners on a variety of projects in order to transition their research to the prototype and clinical trail stages.

Rising in Rank

Rising in Rank: With its leading-edge capabilities in fabrication, robotics, and manufacturing technologies, the Research Institute is quickly gaining a reputation for its ability to help companies develop, prototype, and fabricate their products.

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts: UTARI has a staff that is highly skilled in the areas of mechanical and electrical design as well as chemistry and system integration. In addition, the institute frequently collaborates with UT Arlington faculty from a variety of disciplines.


Well-Stocked: The Research Institute has an enviable array of assembly and packaging equipment, test and reliability equipment, and microfabrication equipment.

Place For Space

Place For Space: UTARI has a large, modern facility that provides ample space ranging from conference rooms to fabrication and assembly areas to a class 10,000 clean room.

Packed Schedule

Packed Schedule: The Research institute hosts a variety of events every month, including conferences, symposiums, lectures, student competitions, open houses, and more.

Small Bot, Large Impact

Small Bot, Large Impact: The KUKA youBot is an omni-directional mobile platform with a manipulable arm and a two-finger gripper.

Gifted Gadget

Gifted Gadget: The Dragon Runner 20, a gift from QinetiQ North America, is a lightweight, small, unmanned ground vehicle that can safely navigate dangerous conditions.

Helping Hand

Helping Hand: UTARI’s robotic nursing assistant, donated by RE2 Inc., is a mobile, manipulable device with two arms that can aid nurses with physically intensive tasks, such as helping a patient sit up or transfer to a gurney.