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Technical Lead:  F.L. Lewis, Ph.D.
            National Academy of Inventors
            Fellow IEEE, Fellow IFAC, Fellow U.K. Inst Measurement & Control
            PE Texas, Chartered Engineer U.K. Eng. Council
            University Distinguished Scholar Professor
            University Distinguished Teaching Professor

            Moncrief-O’Donnell Endowed Chair
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Solicitation for scholarship applications for Sept. 2015


Research Areas: 

Cooperative Control of Distributed Systems on Graphs

          See recent presentations below

Reinforcement Learning & Approximate Dynamic Programming

          See recent presentations below

            ADP for discrete time systems

            ADP for continuous-time systems

Intelligent Nonlinear Control

Neural network control of robots and nonlinear systems

            Neural network control

            Hamilton Jacobi equation solution using neural networks

            Optimal control for nonlinear systems

            H-infinity (game theory) control

Discrete Event Supervisory Control

            For robotic assembly cells

            For wireless sensor networks

Intelligent Diagnostics and Prognostics


Software from sponsored research

Software for UAV Decision & Control



Autonomous Systems Lab (UAV helicopters and UGV)







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download pdf file

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[8]        F.L. Lewis, D.M. Dawson, and C.T. Abdallah, Robot Manipulator Control: Theory and Practice, 2nd edition, Revised and Expanded, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2006.
download pdf file

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Optimal Control, Workshop at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, 5-6 November 2014.  Qian Ren and Project 111 Program.
download pdf file, opfb H-infinity paper

Data-driven Control and Optimization for Industrial Processes, Workshop at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, May 2014.  Qian Ren and Project 111 Program.

Reinforcement Learning and ADP for Real-Time Optimal Control and Dynamic Games, Plenary Talk, Int. Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Dallas, August 2013

Data-driven Control and Optimization for Industrial Processes: Reinforcement Learning & Supervisory Control, Workshop at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, July 2013.  Project 111 Program.

Optimal Distributed Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems and Graphical Games, Plenary Talk, Int. Conf. Intelligent Control and Information Processing ICICIP, Beijing, June 2013.

Distributed Cooperative Control for Electric Power Microgrid Applications, Plenary Talk, IEEE CYBER, Nanjing, May 2013.

Reinforcement Learning Adaptive Structures for Real-Time Optimal Control and Graphical Games, Invited Talk, Chinese University of Hong Kong, May 2013.

Adaptive Tuning for Optimal Process Control and Multi-Process Games Using Reinforcement Learning, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology SIMTech, May 2013.


Optimal Adaptive Control Using Reinforcement Learning, Opening Plenary Talk, IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Controls, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Oct. 2012.

Novel Adaptive Control Structures by Reinforcement Learning, Opening Plenary Talk, Int. Conf. on System Theory, Control and Computing, Sinaia, Romania, Oct. 2012.

Reinforcement Methods for Online Learning in Autonomous Robotic Systems, Plenary Talk, FIRA Robo World Congress, Bristol, UK, 20 August 2012.

Cooperative Control: Stability versus global optimality, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012

Cooperative control: optimal design and Graphical Games, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012

Cooperative Control: Optimal Design, Observers, distributed adaptive control, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011


CDC Orlando 2011 workshop
Optimal Adaptive Control: Online Solutions for Optimal Feedback Control and Differential Games Using Reinforcement Learning”
     Lewis notes- MDP and reinforcement learning
     Busoniu notes
     Jagannathan notes
     Vrabie notes
     Lewis notes- online synchronous policy iteration

Optimal Control and Online Game Solutions Using Approximate Dynamic Programming, Workshop, Symp. ADP/RL, Paris, April 2011.


UTA Workshop on Building a Successful Research program and Mentoring PhD Students, 15 October, 2010.

“Online Optimal Adaptive Control: Real-Time learning of optimal control and zero-sum game solutions,” Plenary Talk, Chinese Conf. Decision & Control, Xuzhou, May 2010.

"Distributed Adaptive Control for Synchronization of Unknown Nonlinear Networked Systems,” Invited Talk, 9th Symposium on Frontier Problems in System and Control, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, May 2010

Decision & Control for Sustainable Manufacturing and Green Engineering, A-Star Singapore Manufacturing Technology Institute SIMTech, May 2010.

Structural Health Monitoring for Aircraft Skin Systems, A-Star Data Storage Institute DSI, Singapore, August 2009.

Online Learning of Optimal Controllers for Continuous-Time systems, Asian Control Conference ASCC, Hong Kong, Aug. 2009.
Adaptive dynamic programming and reinforcement learning for control applications, Invited Workshop, Int. Symposium on ADP/RL, Nashville, April, 2009.
Adaptive Optimal Control, Semi-Plenary Talk, IEEE Conf. Decision & Control, Cancun, Dec. 2008
Neuro Dynamic Programming (ADP) for continuous-time systems, Int. Conf. Intelligent Control, Shanghai, Sept. 2008
Adaptive Dynamic Programming (ADP) for discrete-time systems, Bill Wolovich 70 BD Workshop, Cancun, Dec. 2008
Notes on Optimal Control, Mike Athans 70th BD workshop, Oct. 2007
Adaptive Dynamic programming for Continuous-Time systems, Mike Sain 70th BD workshop, Oct. 2007
Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Feedback Control, plenary talk, Workshop on ADP/RL, Hawaii, 2007.


Online Learning Design of Optimal Flight Controllers, Int. Symp. Systems and Control in Aeronautics and Astronautics (ISSCAA 2010), Harbin, China. June 2010.
Flight Control for UAV:  helicopter platform control and cooperative formation discrete event control, 2008


Discrete Event Decision & Control Using a Matrix Framework, IEEE Conf. Industrial Electronics & Applications, Singapore, June 2008.
Discrete Event Control Framework and deadlock in Petri nets, Workshop on Petri nets and Agile Manufacturing, Xian, June 2008.


Wireless Sensor Network Applications in UAV Helicopters and Intelligent Diagnostics, IDGA Military Conf, Washington DC, May 2008
Wireless Sensor Networks:  Issues, Advances, Open Problems, CIS-RAM Conference Bangkok, June 2006
Wireless Sensor Networks, Inst. Infocom Research & NTU, Singapore, March 2006


Intelligent diagnostics & prognostics for structural health monitoring, A-Star Data Storage Institute, Singapore, Aug 2009.
Intelligent Diagnostics & Prognostics, Fort Worth METROCON, 2007.


INFORMATION FOR NEW STUDENTS APPLYING – Apply through Graduate Adviser, Dept. of Electrical Engineering


Ph.D. Students:


Recent Former Ph.D. Students:


 Research Supported by:

National Science Foundation

Office of Naval Research

Army Research Office, Army National Automotive Center, TARDEC/RDECOM

Air Force Office of Scientific Research

ONR, NASA, and ARO SBIR Contracts


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