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Partnering with industry, government and other academic institutions to drive discovery to commercialization through applied research.


Every day, new discoveries are being made through basic research in laboratory settings around the world. While many of these have real-world applications and offer the potential of effecting profound change on end-users, most never see the light of day. This is where UTARI steps in. Partnered with industry, UTARI researchers drive the development of UT Arlington technologies to the point of commercialization to bring innovative products to the global marketplace to benefit society.

Industry Partnership

UTARI cultivates productive relationships with industry partners in order to address real-world problems. These partnerships take multiple forms including teaming on grant proposals, the sponsoring of research, and research gifts. These collaborations are an absolute necessity in advancing technology to meet the needs of end-users.

Academic Collaborations

UTARI collaborates with UT Arlington faculty and academics from across the nation on exciting and stimulating development projects. This work helps to promote undergraduate and graduate education by providing opportunities for exciting and stimulating research and development.

Technology Management

UTARI manages the Office of Technology Management, which maintains all of the intellectual property for UT Arlington. This office focuses on the licensing of patented technology and trade secrets that have economic potential in the marketplace.

Collaborative Research
Collaborative Research

Team up with an excellent partner.

Strategic Partners
Strategic Partners

The research and development efforts at UTARI rely largely on the strong partnerhsips we build with industry, government, non-profit organizations, and other universities.